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Patient education programs
T1 Cyber Carbs - Online Course

Cyber Carbs, the first and only interactive online carbohydrate counting course in Australia! This course is available for both people impacted by diabetes and healthcare providers (CPD included).

Learn at your own pace, test your knowledge, and apply your new skills right away. 

  • Improve your confidence and accuracy in carbohydrate counting

  • Understand glycaemic index, and the impact of fat and protein on blood glucose levels

  • Learn to use carbohydrate counting apps and resources effectively

  • Put carbohydrate counting into practice by learning and understanding how to use insulin to carbohydrate ratios and insulin sensitivity factors

  • Learn to calculate insulin doses

T1 Bootcamp - Face to Face Education

T1 Bootcamp is our brand-new type 1 masterclass, developed by the passionate team at the Family Centre. Delivered in a face-to-face setting, T1 Bootcamp supports you with a hands-on learning experience, alongside other people living with type 1.

The course provides you with the latest clinical advice and shows you how to put this advice into action, making the day to day living with type 1 easier to manage.  In addition to the best clinical advice, you'll hear from people living with type 1 about what it’s like to apply this advice in the real world, and benefit from the tips and tricks they've learned over their life with type 1.


Whether you embrace type 1 technology, are curious about switching to pumps or CGM, or prefer to manage with daily injections, T1 Bootcamp has you covered. The course is packed full of practical tips, tricks, and the latest advice that you need to know to take control of your diabetes management, so it doesn't take control of your life!


T1 Bootcamp Curriculum:

Day 1: We deep dive into the core of type 1 diabetes management; insulin, carbohydrate counting and how to tailor insulin doses to match your meals. We’ll make sure you have the essential info to manage insulin and food with confidence.

Day 2: We take what you have learnt week 1 and translate it into real life. Whether it is exercising without a hypo, eating out without a blood glucose tsunami, or having a glass or two of wine without fear, you will graduate Bootcamp feeling more competent and confident!

T1 Essentials - Online Course

In our unique twelve module T1 Essentials course, patients will:

  • Improve their understanding of type 1 diabetes and its impact on the body

  • Understand the latest management techniques for living with type 1 diabetes including new technologies such as continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), new medications and new guidelines for living well with type 1.

  • Hear from people living with type 1 diabetes on what it is really like to live, and to thrive, with this complex condition.

  • Build a toolkit of tips, tricks, advice and guidelines to manage type 1 diabetes, including during exercise, when you are unwell and when type 1 is at its most challenging.

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