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As the situation around novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, we are doing everything we can at the Family Centre to ensure the safety of our community and team. 

The Family Centre Team has developed new ways to deliver our vital services, in an affordable and accessible way so that you can feel happy, healthy and connected during the COVID-19 crisis and into the future. 


We are pleased to be able to deliver the following services to our community in a safe and self-isolation friendly manner:

  • Bulk Billed Clinic Consultations - 20-minute phone or Zoom healthcare appointments

  • Bulk Billed Telehealth Psychology Appointments.

Flexible insulin therapy workshop

Flexible Insulin Therapy, or Flex-IT, is a group-based education workshop designed by one of the leading diabetes institutes in Australia, Baker IDI. The course is presented by our experienced diabetes educators and teaches the concepts of flexible and effective insulin adjustment for people managing their type 1 through multiple daily injections. This workshop is conducted over two consecutive Saturdays. Support people are highly encouraged to attend and are free of charge. Contact the Family Centre to find out when the next workshop will be held. 


Topics include:

  • Calculating insulin sensitivity and carbohydrate ratios

  • Adjusting insulin to suit food and physical activity

  • Carbohydrate counting foods, recipes and eating out

  • Hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia management

  • Practical and hands-on carb counting activities

Cyber Carbs - online course

Cyber Carbs, the first and only interactive online carbohydrate counting course in Australia! This course is available for both people impacted by diabetes and healthcare providers (CPD included).

Learn at your own pace, test your knowledge, and apply your new skills right away. 

  • Improve your confidence and accuracy in carbohydrate counting

  • Understand glycaemic index, and the impact of fat and protein on blood glucose levels

  • Learn to use carbohydrate counting apps and resources effectively

  • Put carbohydrate counting into practice by learning and understanding how to use insulin to carbohydrate ratios and insulin sensitivity factors

  • Learn to calculate insulin doses

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