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Life in Beta: A Type 1 Podcast

We believe that connecting with other people who live with type 1 is super important. This disease is present 24-7 and can really take a toll, but we’ve seen how conversations with other people who ‘just get it’ can change people's perspectives and get them living life to the full.

Putting these benefits into words is really hard though, and people don’t really understand it until they experience it for themselves. So we've launched the Life in Beta podcast – a show that will bring those conversations to people wherever they are.

We absolutely want this podcast to be informative, but have a really strong focus on the day-to-day realities of living with type 1. Whether that's the silly things we've said and done during a hypo, the frustrations of failed infusion sets, or whether to bring up type 1 in a job interview... we want to put it all on the table.


You can subscribe to the Life in Beta with the links below...


You can also paste this URL into your favourite pod catcher app:

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