As the situation around novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, we are doing everything we can at the Family Centre to ensure the safety of our community and team. 

The Family Centre Team has developed new ways to deliver our vital services, in an affordable and accessible way so that you can feel happy, healthy and connected during the COVID-19 crisis and into the future. 


We are pleased to be able to deliver Bulk Billed Telehealth Psychology Appointments. Please use the self-referral form below.

Registered Psychologist Anastasia Mazzardis, who joins us from Direction Psychology, has experience working with type 1 children, adolescents and their families and adult clients. Anastasia loves helping clients achieve their goals, recognise their strengths, and achieve their best outcomes. Ana is available on Thursdays for appointments at the Family Centre and can also provide an online appointment for those living in remote and regional areas. For bookings, please fill out the form below.

Using evidence-based treatment and an empathic and friendly approach, Anastasia can assist with the following:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety disorders

  • Adjustment disorders

  • Behavioural difficulties

  • Grief and loss

  • Parenting and family support

  • Improving self-esteem

  • Social skills


Anastasia is available to provide psychology support to all clients with type 1 diabetes and their families.

Now available for Telehealth appointments under new temporary Medicare arrangements. 

Wellness Workshops

The Family Centre and the team at Direction Psychology are excited to bring you free group programs aimed at reducing stress and anxiety and building self-confidence in children and young people. Registrations are open now - email your inquiry today!

In the Zone: mindfulness to reduce stress and overwhelm

In the Zone is a 6-week Mindfulness group program that teaches young people the skills to slow down, be more present in the moment and live a meaningful and mindful life. This 6-week course will take young people (ages 13-25yrs) through the importance of practicing mindfulness, how to observe their thoughts and emotions without distress or  judgement, how to accept things in their life more readily, and how to use mindfulness both formally and informally to reduce stress, calm anxiety, and avoid overwhelm. Mindfulness is a research-backed tool that has been shown to help people:

  • Boost energy

  • Reduce worries, anxiety, and distress

  • Learn how to relax and regulate emotions

  • Enhance awareness and creativity

  • Improve concentration and increase productivity

  • Develop a sense of empathy and connectedness

  • Enjoy better health and sleep

Wise Minds: CBT  for Mood Management 

Wise Minds is a CBT Mood Management program developed by Direction Psychology. CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is an evidence-based approach that is effective in treating a range of emotional, behavioural, and mental health issues. This goal-oriented approach focuses on examining and improving the connections between thinking patterns, feelings, and behaviours. This 6-week course will take young people (ages 13-25yrs) through the above skills to help them reduce stress, anxiety and depression symptoms. They will come out of the course with specific, practical skills to help them with:

  • Critical thinking,

  • Identifying negative thinking patterns

  • Challenging negative thoughts

  • Using positive thinking alternatives

  • Replacing unhelpful coping skills with the positive skills of mindfulness, strengths exercises, affirmations, gratitude, and goal setting.

Girls with a purpose: improving self-esteem for girls

Girls with a Purpose is a powerful program that provides relevant life skills for girls aged 9-17. We run these important 6-week groups for girls aged 9-17yrs, with our aim to improve the self-esteem for all girls and young women! Confidence, self-worth, depression, and identity issues are major problems for teen and tween girls these days. Topics covered in the groups are:

  • Personal worth and self-esteem

  • Communication

  • Healthy relationships

  • Positive body image

  • Positive self-talk

  • Dealing with risk

  • Finding purpose and value Inner beauty, and more.

The Body Project

A staggering 70% of girls suffer with body image issues at some point in their lives. Sadly, those struggling with body dissatisfaction are at higher risk of developing an eating disorder.

Directions Psychology believe prevention is better than a cure, so they're offering a 4 week program for 13-18 year old girls, proven to improve body image perception. 

The Body Project program has helped more than 3.5 million young women in over 140 schools, universities and clubs, globally.

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