Community Fundraising
Community Fundraising

Raising funds for the Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre is a fun and rewarding experience! In addition to helping the Family Centre support the type 1 community, you’ll be raising awareness about type 1 diabetes!

Star Fundraisers

Every community fundraiser is a hero to us, so thank you for supporting the Family Centre!

We receive no government funding and each dollar you raise will go straight to work making a real difference in the lives of people with diabetes.


How do I get started with my fundraiser?

Follow these easy steps: 1. Get inspired – check out some of our star fundraisers for real-world examples 2. Register – we need to know about your activity to keep our Charitable Collections Licence, so read through our Terms and Conditions and complete the Community Fundraising Application Form online, or print and return this form. 3. Get approval – once we’ve received your application, we will get back to you to confirm that your event or activity meets our fundraising guidelines and issue you with an Authority to Fundraise letter. You can use this letter to help your outreach to local businesses or other prospective donors. 4. Bring it to life - If you’re planning an event, contact the Family Centre so we can help support you. Start a fundraiser campaign profile here. 5. Money matters - Once you have held your event or activity, please remit your funds to the Family Centre, we will contact you with information on how to do this. 6. Celebrate and don’t forget to thank your supporters - You did it! Give yourself a pat on the back, and thank anyone who donated, attended, or sponsored. Never underestimate the value of gratitude. Let them know that we will put their support directly to good use. Collectively, you’ve done an amazing thing!

Where does the money go?

We’re glad that you asked! Every donation makes a difference at the Family Centre. - $20 supports a child to attend our Kids in the Kitchen workshop - $50 provides subsidised training to a babysitter to look after a child with type 1, giving mum and dad vital support - $100 pays for 10 kids to attend a Family Centre social excursion - $500 buys the food for an adult nutrition workshop - $1000 provides a family with support and services for a whole year Be sure to let your supporters know what their donation can do. Spread the message.

How do I accept online donations?

You can set up your own fundraising page with Everyday Hero, including images, updates, your own story, and the ability to share on social media. Your supporters will receive an automated receipt for their donation. Get started here.

What can I do to fundraise?

Almost anything! Start by thinking about what you enjoy and what skills you have – and don’t be afraid to get creative! You could consider: - Birthday giving in lieu of gifts - Free or fancy dress day at school or work - Host a morning tea - Participate in a marathon - Challenge yourself to a bungee jump If you’re holding an event, you can boost your fundraising by including a raffle, silent auction, or by selling our merchandise.

How can the Family Centre support me?

We LOVE our community fundraisers and are grateful for your support. Every donation goes straight to work connecting, supporting and inspiring our type 1 community.

When completing your Fundraising Application Form please specify if you are interested in receiving supporter marketing and promotional material and if you would like to purchase Family Centre merchandise for sale at your event.

There are some things that remain your responsibility, such as organising adequate insurance and applying for any necessary permits and approvals.

What about social media?

Social media is easy, quick, and certainly not to be skipped, but remember that a personal approach is most effective. Be sure to also send personalised messages or emails directly to your potential donors, and definitely pick up the phone and tell people what you’re doing – it’s the best way to get support! Social media tips: - Use short, compelling messages, and make them inspiring! - Try including a statistic or some personal information about why you are inspired to support the Family Centre. - Include a link to your event or fundraising page. We suggest using to shorten the link (extra tip, sign up with for free and you can customise your links) - Visuals help to catch the eye, so include an image or video. You can even record your own short video, or use Facebook Live! - Engage with people if they respond, thank them for their support or answer their questions. - Create a Facebook event for your fundraiser. - Tag specific people to get their attention. - Use hashtags! Family Centre: #type1diabetesfamilycentre #type1familycentre #wearefamily #forthekids Type 1 diabetes: #type1 #t1d #type1life #type1strong #type1warrior #type1diabetes Perth: #perth #perthisok #perthlife

Can I use your branding?

When your fundraising activity is approved, we will send you the logos that you can use. To maintain our brand integrity, use of these logos is strictly on the condition that they are not stretched or distorted, and the colours are not changed. It’s important that your event is distinguished from official Family Centre events, so you cannot label your event with our name. For example, see our do's and don'ts below: Do: Charity Quiz Night, in support of the Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre Don't: Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre Quiz Night Do: Bob’s Annual Fun Run, supporting the Family Centre Don't: Family Centre Fun Run

Charity netball cup

Teresa Newton (type 1 Mum) loves netball and the Family Centre. For the past six years, Teresa has coordinated the Charity Netball Cup tournament at Kingsway Netball Centre. This year’s event on 13 April featured 50 teams (teens, mixed and seniors) and raised a whopping $13,500. Teresa says that the Family Centre ‘is a lifeline for type 1 Mums and Dads. The camps and courses educate kids and help them form a peer support network providing them with important connections and inspiration to live happy, long and positive lives’. Sincere thanks to Teresa and sponsors Swick Mining, Paua Rose Netball Club and the WDNA.

Rookie racing team 098

Tim, father to a child with type 1, and his buddy Luke didn’t let their lack of experience stop them when they signed up to take on the Avon Descent in a power-dinghy! They set up online fundraising and a Facebook page to keep their friends and family updated on their preparations. They kept their Facebook posts lively with humour, footage, and diabetes awareness posts and managed to raise $14,577.70!

Nostalgia quiz night

Jenny, grandmother of a child with type 1, and her colleagues from the Foothills Circle of Friends Craft Association organised a quiz night with a ‘nostalgia’ theme to raise funds for the Family Centre. They set the ticket price at $10 per person and had some games and great raffle prizes to help raise some extra funds. With over 70 people at the event, they raised $1,673!

Morning tea at Woodland Grove Primary School

The staff and students at Woodland Grove Primary School enjoyed a fun and informative morning tea thanks to two students, Molly and Meerab. Molly and Meerab wanted to organise a school event to raise funds for the Family Centre, as Molly’s little cousin Alijah was recently diagnosed with type 1. During the event, they delivered a speech talking about type 1 diabetes and why their fundraising was so important. They sold Family Centre merchandise, requested a gold coin donation to participate, and collected other generous donations – raising a total of $1,068!