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Community Fundraising
Community Fundraising
Community Fundraising

Raising funds for the Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre is a fun and rewarding experience! In addition to helping the Family Centre support the type 1 community, you’ll be raising awareness about type 1 diabetes!

Every community fundraiser is a hero to us, so thank you for supporting the Family Centre!

We receive no government funding and each dollar you raise will go straight to work making a real difference in the lives of people with diabetes.

Star Fundraisers
  • What is type 1 diabetes?
    Type 1 in an autoimmune disease, which means the immune system suddenly starts to recognise the body's own cells - in this case, the beta cells which produce insulin - as 'enemies', and destroys them. When the beta cells are destroyed, the body can no longer produce insulin. Insulin has a very important job in the body; it is responsible for turning glucose (which enters the bloodstream when a person eats carbohydrates) into energy. A person diagnosed with type 1 diabetes is left dependent on injected insulin for the rest of their lives, and must manage their blood glucose levels around-the-clock. ​ Type 1 diabetes is not preventable. The cause of type 1 diabetes is not known, although we know that it occurs in people with a certain genetic makeup. Unlike type 2 diabetes, type 1 is not lifestyle driven.
  • Symptoms of type 1
    Type 1 diabetes symptoms can include: ​ - Extreme thirst - Constant hunger - Sudden weight loss - Frequent urination - Blurred vision - Nausea - Vomiting - Extreme tiredness - Infections ​ If you think you or someone you know has these symptoms, seek medical help immediately, and drink sugar-free fluids to prevent dehydration.
  • Treating type 1
    People with type 1 diabetes must keep their blood glucose level as close to the non-diabetic range as possible to avoid the risks associated with glucose levels that are too high or too low. This is not easy. Think about it like this: people with type 1 must do the job of their pancreas, an extremely fine-tuned and highly sensitive system, manually! ​ To stay alive, people with type 1 diabetes must have a constant supply of insulin through injections or an insulin pump. They also must test their blood sugar by pricking their fingers for a drop of blood to enter into a machine at least four times a day. Finally, people with type 1 must constantly count the carbohydrates in food in order to match their insulin dose to the food they are eating, and regulate the effects of physcial activity, sleep, stress, and a number of other factors that impact blood glucose levels. Type 1 diabetes is one of the only conditions whereby the person living with it must make the decisions about how much of their medication (insulin) to take and when to take it. The consequences of a mistake can be devastating, and the burden of responsibility for management is profound.
  • Managing type 1
    At the Family Centre, we believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to managing type 1. Instead, we know that it is important to work with your goals and preferences to tailor management strategies. We call this approach 'adaptive management', and encourage people with type 1 to seek answers from both their health practitioners and the type 1 community in order to develop individualised management approaches. Medical Management In Western Australia, children and adolescents with type 1 are seen by the Diabetes Team at Perth Children's Hospital. Adults can be seen in public hospital diabetes clinics, or privately through specialist endocrinology clinics. Your support team should consist of a combination of the following: - Endocrinologist - GP - Diabetes educator - Dietitian - Psychologist - Social worker Children with type 1 are advised to attend clinic four times per year, where they receive a health-check up and have the opportunity to discuss management strategies with the team. Adults may be advised to attend a diabetes check up between three and four times per year. Mindset and motivation Type 1 can be unpredictable, complicated and frustrating. At the Family Centre, we recognise that managing type 1 is more that getting the technical side right - it's also about staying emotionally well. Thinking positively, connecting with peers, employing healthy coping strategies, and being able to recognise the symptoms of diabetes distress or burnout are all important aspects of staying emotionally well with type 1. It's not all about the patient, either. Type 1 affects every member of the patient's support network, and families, partners, friends, employers and schools need support too. That's where the Family Centre comes in. Our programs and services aim to support people with diabetes and their networks to handle type 1 in healthy, positive ways. Explore our website to see what we can offer you.
Recent Community Fundraisers
Paul completes the New York Marathon

In November, Paul Cadzow completed the New York Marathon – no small feat at any time – but made even more impressive by his recent diagnosis with type 1.


"I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes mellitus in April this year when I went into diabetic ketoacidosis. I was days away from running a half-marathon I had been training for. I was shocked; these last few months have been a process of constant adjustment. I have a cousin who has been living with T1DM for 53 years now, and she said to me, 'I say that the diabetes is living with me, rather than me living with it. I have never let it decide how I live my life.' So, I am running the New York Marathon for myself and my life, despite the arrival of this new passenger. T1D Family Centre has been part of my journey in adjusting to my new reality, and I am so grateful for the help. The model of what T1DFC provides is so important. And whenever I am struggling, I remind myself that my cousin Suzanne did all of this when she was 4 years old!"


We are in awe: Paul's courage in supporting the Family Centre during this time in his life is extraordinary. It's also great to see that the Family Centre can help people with type 1 diabetes around Australia – even as far away as Paul's home in Queensland. 


In addition to his amazing physical achievement, Paul also exceeded his fundraising goal, raising a total of $1,310 for the Family Centre. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to Paul for his incredible support.

NY marathon.jpg
Troy Carlon and girls ocean picture resize 2.jpg
Troy's Winter Ocean Dip Challenge

With two girls living with type 1 who both love the beach, the ocean holds a special place for Troy Carlon. It was with this in mind that Troy committed to hitting the water every day for the 92 days of winter, all while raising money for the Family Centre. 


"For me, I love seeing the girls in the water, no insulin pumps or worries about type 1. It's just them in the water having fun, like any normal kid would be. Feels like, for just a moment, they are free of this disease. But it also makes me appreciate the work – and diligence – that allows this to happen."


Troy had amazing support from friends and family with around 60 courageous souls joining him in this ambitious challenge.  One of these supporters was former Hawthorn and West Coast Eagles AFL star Xavier Ellis, who joined Troy for a dip, which earned Troy's challenge a mention on the Xav, Michelle & Baz for Breakfast show on 92.9 Triple M Perth!


Troy has absolutely smashed his fundraising target of $5,000 with a total of $7,480.90 raised!  We extend our sincerest gratitude to Troy for his amazing personal commitment and incredible fundraising effort for the Family Centre.

200 km Run for Jack and Chloe 

Inspired by his niece and nephew who live with type 1, Shayne Blazley ran an incredible 200 km between 1- 24 December. Through this unbelievably difficult physical challenge, Shayne and his supporters raised an awe-inspiring total of over $8,500 for the Family Centre. In doing so, Shayne also increased awareness of the challenges of living with type 1.


"Having run 175 km since 1st December, I've had a lot of reflecting time (almost 20 hrs). While the primary purpose of this run is to raise money and awareness for The Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre and type 1 diabetes generally, the grind that comes with running long distances also provides perspective. The discomfort of the run will come to an end, whereas people living with type 1 diabetes need to turn up every day to manage their condition with no end in sight." Shayne, on day 22 of his challenge.


Our sincerest gratitude to Shayne for his amazing physical commitment, and this tremendous fundraising effort for the Family Centre.

Shayne running solo.jpg
Kate's Mates Swim.jpg
Kate's Mates 2022 Rottnest Swim

Earlier this year Kate Ball, a member of our type 1 tribe, put together a team of four to participate in the Rottnest Channel Swim for the first time!  This is an incredible physical commitment, made even more special by the team's dedication to raising funds for the Family Centre.  Kate and her mates exceeded their fundraising goals, and raised a total of $1,176.80. 

Thank you so much to Kate and her team for taking on this challenge for the Family Centre!

Thank you, Tivoli Theatre Youth Performers

In May, The Tivoli Club of WA's Youth Performers took to the stage to perform their Rewind Time show, featuring hits from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, with all proceeds from the Sunday matinee performance donated to the Family Centre.  Not even cast shortages due to COVID could dampen their enthusiasm, and the show was a great success for all, with the Youth Performers raising $1,200 for the Family Centre.

Our heartfelt thanks to the Tivoli Club of WA for their continued support!


The Family Centre was thrilled to be nominated as one of the beneficiaries of Grill'd Karrinyup's Local Matters program earlier this year. In this great initiative, every burger purchased gives customers a chance to vote for their chosen local community group. With the support of our wonderful community, the Family Centre received the most votes for the month, resulting in a $300 donation from Grill'd Karrinyup.

Many thanks to Grill'd for giving back to the community and supporting the Family Centre.

Grill'd Karrinyup Local Matters Donation 
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