Cyber Carbs

Cyber Carbs is a world-first interactive online carbohydrate counting course designed by the Family Centre! Learn at your own pace, test your knowledge, and apply your new skills right away. We have two courses available: one for people impacted by diabetes and one for healthcare professionals.

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Cyber Carbs for people impacted by diabetes

Who is this for?

  • People with type 1 diabetes

  • People with insulin-dependent type 2 diabetes on flexible insulin therapy

  • Anyone supporting someone with type 1 diabetes or insulin-dependent type 2 diabetes on flexible insulin therapy – e.g. loved ones, family, friends etc!

  • Suitable for ages 12+

By doing this course, you will:

  • Improve your confidence and accuracy in carbohydrate counting

  • Understand glycaemic index, and the impact of fat and protein on blood glucose levels

  • Learn to use carbohydrate counting apps and resources effectively

  • Put carbohydrate counting into practice by learning and understanding how to use insulin to carbohydrate ratios and insulin sensitivity factors

  • Learn to calculate insulin doses

This course includes downloadable handouts to guide your learning and enhance your knowledge. You will be able to refer to the handouts at any time during the course and post-course completion. 

Cyber Carbs for healthcare professionals

Who is this for?

  • Healthcare Professionals with patients with type 1 diabetes

  • Healthcare Professionals with patients with insulin-dependent type 2 diabetes on flexible insulin therapy

  • Healthcare Professionals with an interest in diabetes


Carbohydrate counting is an important skill for any healthcare professionals working closely with people impacted by diabetes. Our new online course, Cyber Carbs has been developed by the Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre team in consultation with leading diabetes clinicians and community members to be informative, fun and easy-to-follow.


The ten-module course provides you with the latest evidence-based theory and practical advice, including:

  • Carbohydrate counting accuracy

  • Impact of glycaemic index, fat and protein on blood glucose levels

  • Carbohydrate counting apps and resources

  • Insulin to carbohydrate ratios and insulin sensitivity


You’ll earn CPD points, receive a certificate of completion PLUS have access to a comprehensive range of downloadable resources for use in your clinic.

Cyber Carbs Mini Modules!

Short on time? Cyber Carbs Minis are here! 

You can now choose between our comprehensive ten-module carb-counting course, or get straight into targeted topics with Cyber Carbs Minis! Pick your Mini and access instant education at your fingertips! Each Mini will build your knowledge with a short informative video and an interactive quiz, and is supported by a downloadable handout.

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What people say about Cyber Carbs

Victoria, type 1

As a person living with type 1 and having completed a nutrition degree, I believe that the different sections of this are a great general knowledge tool for people living type 1 and their support people. 

Christine, Mother

I am a carb counting guru now! As someone who hates maths, I found this easy to follow and calculate. The course is 100% awesome and I would draw on this information time and time again.

Lauren, Diabetes Educator

Fantastic learning program. It delivered very important information in a way that was easy to understand with guidance, explanations and examples to use. I’ve learnt valuable skills in how to correctly count carbohydrates and apply that knowledge into accurate insulin dosing. Amazing lessons learned.

Mel, Friend

It has given me a deeper understanding of T1D and taught me the importance of carb counting. This will help me better support my friend with type 1 when she comes over for dinner. 

Blake, type 1

I enjoyed the whole experience. The videos were super helpful and the handouts were a great resource to follow with. 

Jocelyn, Mother

Absolutely fabulous! A concise but thorough course. This course would be an excellent overview for a newly diagnosed family as well as those needing a refresher! I loved learning little tricks too!

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