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Our History

The Family Centre incorporated, and we started our journey towards becoming an Australia-first organisation for people with type 1 diabetes.  


15 January 2014

The sod is turned on the Family Centre’s site and we prepare to build! 


February 2014

Intensive focus groups with type 1 families and adolescents to inform the Family Centre’s programs and service design 

March 2014 

Construction of the Family Centre commences, thanks to the WA State Government, Telethon, Lotterywest and BGC.

2014-07 City of Stirling cheque presenta
2014-04 Telethon Beneficiaries event.jpg
2014-04 BGC contract signing.JPG
Telethon Juvenile Sponsorship Photo

October 2014 


The Blue Balloon, the Family Centre’s original newsletter, launches.


March 2015

We launch our first online community, the Type 1 Family Centre Parents’ Community. This group is now one of four, has nearly 1,000 members and 6,000 engagements every month, and was recognised by Facebook as one of the top 100 online communities IN THE WORLD!  

Natalia, aunty

April 2015

The Family Centre’s first team members come onboard, to build and deliver our nutrition, community event and family support programs and services. 

T1D Open LRes-70.jpg

May 2015

The Family Centre’s first event, with type 1 diabetic family therapist and diabetes nurse educator Joe Solowieczyk from the USA!  

TD1 2 July Low Res-62.jpg

September 2015

Our first nutrition event: Dr Troy Stapleton, type 1 diabetic medical doctor, speaks to the Family Centre community about how he manages his type 1 with a low-carbohydrate diet.    

June 2015

The Family Centre is officially opened by

The Hon Dr Kim Hames.  

TD1 2 July Low Res-37.jpg

August 2015


Our unique ‘Solutions Forum’ education model, which features live, interactive panel discussions to find practical solutions to diabetes dilemmas, is launched.  


October 2015

Our first camps! Teen Camp and Family Camp – the first of 18 camps that have supported hundreds of families and adolescents impacted by diabetes!  


October 2015

Thanks to the St George Foundation, we launch our Continuous Glucose Monitor Loan Program, which loaned CGM systems, which were then not subsidised, to families in need. Family Centre CEO Bec Johnson has an Opinion piece published in The West Australian calling for CGM to be subsidised.  

So good!


In 2016, we launched and built our unique education and community event program, including Kids in the Kitchen, Teen Cooking, Diabetic Athletic, technology shows, the Life Without Limits speaker series, and our school holiday programs.  

January 2016

Our first paper was published in Diabetes Management Journal: ‘Diabetes and Endurance Sports: A Patient’s Perspective’ written by our CEO Bec Johnson. 

March 2016

We launch our Carbohydrate Counting Program – a highly successful face-to-face education workshop that we later transformed into Australia’s first online carb-counting program! 

May 2016

The Family Centre successfully advocates to change ATAR exam conditions, recognising that students with type 1 must break their concentration frequently to attend to diabetes management tasks, and need extra time to work on their papers to account for this. 

April 2016

We’re visited by the Federal Health Minister! The Hon Sussan Ley MP loved her tour of the Family Centre and an insight into our innovative model of care.

first aniversary-9600.jpg
first aniversary-9552.jpg

July 2016

We celebrate our first birthday with an aptly-themed SUPERHERO PARTY!

NP1209902_hi-res SMALL.jpg

September 2016

The Family Centre is published in the peer-reviewed literature again! Our CEO Bec publishes two papers in Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine about SCUBA diving with type 1 diabetes. 

July 2016

Sebastien Sasseville, type 1 diabetic mountaineer and ultra-athlete, visits the Family Centre from Canada and wows our tribe with his stories about summiting Mt Everest and running across Canada. 

August 2016

The Family Centre is represented by our diabetes educator and dietitian at our first Australian Diabetes Educators Association Annual Scientific Meeting, where Amy presents a poster about our Babysitters’ Training program. 

Scuba diving.jpg

October 2016

We’re the first ones to bring Flex-IT, a fast, furious and effective two-day flexible insulin therapy program designed by the Baker Institute, to WA.  

November 2016

The Family Centre partners with Telethon and Leeuwin Estate to present our first joint Leeuwin Estate Luncheon. The Leeuwin Luncheons have raised $943,295.70 in vital funds for the Family Centre over four years. 

Pic 6 (1).jpg

August 2016

The Family Centre leads advocacy with the South Pacific Underwater Medicine Society and the Australian Diabetes Society to change Australia’s position on scuba diving for people with type 1 diabetes, allowing them to access the sport for the first time.  


In 2017, alongside our camp program, we took our tribe on exciting adventures including rock climbing, to Penguin Island, and to the zoo! We also developed a series of new education workshops: the Teen Survival Toolkit (alcohol, partying and staying safe), Educate your Support Network, and our Diabetic and the Dietitian series.  

2019-June-WEB-Amy & Bec-Meeting 2 (1).jp

January 2017

The Family Centre launched its dietetics and diabetes education clinic, which now successfully supports hundreds of patients to manage type 1 with our tech-savvy, judgement-free and food-first approach. 

January 2017

Our CEO, Bec, who lives with type 1 diabetes, swims her first Rottnest Channel solo. She’s now completed three solos and raised over $130,000 for the Family Centre – and shown our community that a life with type 1 can be a life without limits.  

Dr K &Bec.PNG

August 2017

The Family Centre’s advocacy changes NAPLAN protocols to ensure that students with type 1 diabetes have appropriate access to medical equipment in test conditions. 


September 2017

We got a visit from the PM! Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Justice Minister Michael Keenan visited the Family Centre to discuss extending Continuous Glucose Monitor subsidies and our unique model of care.  

October 2017

The Family Centre launches a mental health support service, partnering with Direction Psychology to provide clinical psychology services at the Family Centre. 


February 2018

We’re published, again!

In collaboration with researcher Caryn Zinn PhD from the University of Auckland, the Family Centre publishes a paper assessing the nutrient intake of a low-carbohydrate, high-fat (LCHF) diet in the British Medical Journal Open. 

March 2018

Type 1 diabetic ultra-endurance cyclist Neil McLagan rides across Australia in 20 days to raise awareness of type 1 diabetes and funds for the Family Centre under the banner of “Crossing for a Cause” 

GretaWolzakPhotography_AMSLssion (3 of 2
2019-June-WEB-Lauren testing (1).jpg

March 2018

The Family Centre launches its HbA1c blood testing service, proudly supported by the St George Foundation. 


March 2018

We do our first insulin pump start at the Family Centre – launching a vital service supporting access to insulin pump and CGM technology through our clinic.

2018-04-17 20.09.00.jpg

April 2018

Australia’s favourite type 1 TV personality, Rob Palmer, visits the Family Centre! 

May 2018

We celebrate being Finalists in the Stirling Business Awards. 

July 2018

With the vision of establishing a whole-of-life service, the Family Centre launches its Adults’ Community, which is now a thriving community connecting hundreds of adults living with type 1 around WA.  


July 2018

Our Diabetes Educator Amy Rush wins both the WA and national Credentialled Diabetes Educator of the Year Awards!   

2018 Amy Rush CDE of the Year Signature

August 2018

The Family Centre wins the Outstanding Achievement Award at the Australian Charity Awards. 


August 2018

Type 1 diabetic cyclist, Kyle Masterman, rides the whole length of the 1000-kilometre Munda Biddi bike trail in ten days for the Family Centre.  

Untitled design (17).png

August 2018

The Family Centre’s colourful new logo and newsletter, Tribe Talk, launches.  

September 2018

Our CEO, Bec Johnson, is awarded the only Fellowship given to an Australian to the Facebook Community Leadership Program, which recognises 100 of the most innovative and dedicated community leaders in the world.  

Untitled design (18).png

November 2018

Our “Drive Your Diabetes” program, which offers subsidised clinic appointments to young people, is launched. 

November 2018

The Family Centre is recognised by Insulin Nation as new model of care.

IMG_E6912 (1).JPG

November 2018

Telethon Community Cinemas chooses us as a charity partner and our first season launches!   


January 2019

We launch our Australia-first Schools Education program, sending our diabetes nurse educator into schools to present training that is specifically customised for each student with type 1 diabetes. Since 2019 we’ve trained over 800 school staff to care for children with type 1 diabetes. 


March 2019

The Family Centre is represented internationally with a poster presentation about meeting the nutrient guidelines with a reduced-carbohydrate diet at the Low Carb Denver conference.  

The Flametree Luncheons, the Family Centre signature fundraising event, have raised over $162,600 for the Family Centre over the past 3 years


November 2018

Between June and August, we deliver our new education event series: ‘Movement’, ‘Mindset’ and ‘Metabolism’. We also visit tens of GPs, hospital diabetes teams, pharmacies, and medical centres to raise awareness of the Family Centre’s services and community.  


July 2019

The Family Centre launches its first online education program on national news! Cyber Carbs is Australia’s first online carb-counting course.

NEW Cyber Carbs.PNG

October 2019

The Family Centre is named a Finalist for the Social Change Maker Award at Telstra Business Awards! 


January 2020

Katie Thivener from the Barbara Davis Centre in Colorado – one of America’s largest diabetes centres – visits the Family Centre to bring some of our magic back to the USA.   


February 2020

The Family Centre runs an edgy and interesting information night on Looping – DIY and commercial closed-loop insulin delivery systems.  

February 2020

Our CEO Bec Johnson completes two out of her three planned ultramarathon swims for her Life Without Limits campaign, raising $85,000 for the Family Centre.  

168 (2).jpg

February 2020

We launch our Type 1 Mothers’ Group for mums and mums-to-be living with type 1 diabetes.    

February 2020

The Family Centre responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by going digital, offering telehealth clinics, and connecting, supporting and informing our tribe through our online communities, which run 24 hours a day. 


June 2020

We launch our first regional Chapter Community in the South West, led by type 1 volunteer, Georgia Catoni!


July 2022

Benjamin Jardine becomes our new CEO!

July 2022

Foundation CEO Bec Johnson is made a visionary of the Family Centre.  


July 2023

The Family Centre launches Type 1 Essentials a new online course to support people living with Type 1.


April-May 2023

The Type 1 Tribe comes together to raise money at the 2023 Run for a Reason.


July 2023

The Family Centre launches a brand new merch range, designed by people with type 1, for people with type 1.

July 2023

The Carb Conscious Cooking Book is released. Authored by Amy Rush and with a foreword by Benjamin Jardine the book flies off the shelves!

Cook Book Carbs.JPG
Benjamin Jardine Cooking.jpg

October 2023

The Family Centre heads

to the south west

and takes over Bunbury with a T1 Tech Roadshow.

BJ Presentation.jpeg
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