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It’s a Type 1 Takeover

One-of-a-kind Type 1 Diabetes Centre heads to Bunbury bringing world-class type 1 services to the South West!

Key dates: 26-27 October 2023

Hundreds of people in the South West region live every day with type 1 diabetes – one of the most complex self-managed conditions anyone can be faced with. No one asks for type 1, and there is no cure. Left unchecked, type 1 can cause devastating consequences for individuals and their families. ​

To support people in the South West who live with type 1, the Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre is heading to Bunbury on Thursday 26 and Friday 27 October. Our type 1 takeover brings the finest type 1 diabetes knowledge and support to the region.

Type 1 Tech Roadshow: We’re hosting a type 1 tech roadshow on Thursday 26 October at the Bunbury Rowing Club, starting at 5:30pm. With a low entry cost of just $5.00 per person, the roadshow will empower people with type 1, by showcasing the latest and greatest technology that can support them to live well.

The event will showcase information from four leading diabetes technology companies, as well personalised success stories of how diabetes technology can improve the lives of people living with type 1.

“We’ve seen incredible developments in diabetes technologies in recent years. This includes everything from continuous glucose monitoring to automated insulin delivery systems,” says Benjamin Jardine, CEO of the Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre.

“This rapid pace of development is exciting and overwhelming in equal measure, it’s hard to keep up! Especially if you live a long way away from the metro area. So, we designed a tech roadshow to give people living in the South West an overview of the technology landscape to see what might work for them.”

Participants will receive information relating to current tech and a glimpse into future type 1 tech developments. Attendees will walk away with the latest knowledge and some great giveaways! Bookings are essential via the website - click here.

Type 1 Diabetes Clinics at Brecken Health Care (26 and 27 October)

Diabetes Education Clinic: Explore the latest tech and make insulin work for you and your lifestyle. Sessions are available with Diabetes Educator and Registered Nurse Fran Leclercq.

Psychology Clinic: With over 180 extra decisions each and every day it’s no surprise type 1 can have an psychological impact. Our provisional psychologist Natalia Hazell specialises in supporting people with type 1 to overcome the challenges type 1 throws at them.

Clinic spaces are extremely limited. People are encouraged to book now by calling 08 9446 6446 to avoid disappointment.

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Notes for editors: In 2015 the Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre was established to meet the growing challenge of supporting people with type 1 diabetes to live a full and joyful life. Since opening, The Family Centre has supported countless Western Australians with type 1 diabetes to live the life they choose. ​

Today the Family Centre’s world-renowned approach has proven countless times that people with type 1 can live a fulfilling life, full of joy and happiness. ​ The team at the Family Centre offer information, education, connection, clinical care, and wrap-around social support. The centre has a thriving community in Western Australia, supporting people to face the challenges of type 1 diabetes with confidence. ​

A team of diabetes educators and dietitians are joined by psychologists, life coaches and people with lived experience to offer holistic support. A robust program of events and activities are on offer, ensuring no one has to face the condition alone. ​

The Family Centre’s ground-breaking work won the Outstanding Charity Award at the 2018 Australian Charity Awards. Its team has been recognised both nationally and internationally.

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