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Babysitters' & Carers' Education
Babysitters training

Imagine being too afraid to be left alone with your grandchildren, nieces or nephews, because you don't know how to support their type 1 diabetes.


We get it, insulin, blood glucose testing, carbohydrates, it can be pretty overwhelming. But precious moments with our loved ones are too important to miss out on! That's why we've developed a Babysitter Education Course, so that your friends and family can confidently babysit a child with type 1 diabetes at home, on playdates or out and about. 



We work with parents to develop a training manual, individually tailored to your child's needs. We then deliver type 1 support training, with practical examples and hands on activities to allow family and friends to babysit with confidence.

There's plenty of time to answer questions, and participants will walk away with a resource booklet that can be referred to later, specifically outlining the needs of each individual child. This great course can help loved ones let kids be kids.

More Details:

Babysitters' Education is a short workshop designed to train friends and family to confidently babysit a child with type 1 for a 3-4 hour period. We know that teaching others how to manage type 1 can be a difficult and emotionally draining experience for parents, and our Babysitters' Education can help upskill your network and take the pressure off parents. 

Likewise, people in day-care centres, after-school centres, or other carers can lack confidence in managing what is a complex condition.

First, we work with the child's parents to ensure our training manual is specifically tailored to their child's needs, and then we educate the family's nominated babysitters. We deliver the key messages in a simple way, supported by a published resource that can be referred to later.

The Babysitters' Education Program is proudly supported by

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