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Diabetes Education and Dietetics

At the Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre, we offer both diabetes education and dietetic services in person and via telehealth. 

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Amy Rush

Amy developed a special interest in type 1 diabetes when her brother was diagnosed at a young age. She has gone on to become a highly regarded, award-winning Accredited Practising Dietitian and Credentialled Diabetes Educator.  

Amy can offer both diabetes education and dietetic advice, helping you navigate both insulin and food at the same time.

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Her clinic is a judgement-free zone, and she will help you feel empowered and confident about food and health choices.  


Your diabetes goals and health priorities guide Amy's work, and she will support you with the issues that are important to you. Meet with Amy about: 

  • ​Insulin adjustment strategies  

  • Pump and Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) starts, upgrades, and support 

  • CGM and flash monitor graph interpretation 

  • Carbohydrate counting made easy  

  • Managing a low-carbohydrate approach and personal dietary preferences 

  • Impact of glycaemic index, protein, and fat on blood glucose 

  • Managing post-meal hyperglycaemia 

  • Diet reviews, meal planning and personalised recipes 

  • Fussy eating 

  • Coeliac disease and other allergies/intolerances 

  • Nutrition for sport and exercise 

  • Weight management  


Beck Newton

Beck is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, Registered Nurse, and Credentialled Diabetes Educator who has post-graduate qualifications in mental health and health coaching –  a unique combination.


This diverse background and scope of training and experience enables her to provide a broad range of support for adults impacted by type 1 diabetes.  

Beck is also known for her warmth and understanding. In her friendly, approachable way, she ensures that you develop a management plan that aligns with your level of knowledge, experience, lifestyle, goals, and personal preferences. Utilising Beck’s capabilities, you can cover both insulin adjustment and nutrition advice within the one consultation!   


If you are currently using a pump, or managing multiple daily injections see Beck for:  

  • Insulin adjustment strategies: match insulin to your food & lifestyle 

  • Therapeutic carbohydrate management: learn to carb count and find out how carb intake impacts your blood glucose and insulin requirements. Find out more about transitioning to a lower carb approach, if appropriate for your condition 

  • Technical knowledge and practical skills to enhance your effectiveness in managing type 1 


Beck’s expertise can also help you deal with eating issues. She can help you manage anxiety about food and body image – and become less focused on the scales. Use this knowledge to enhance your sense of general wellbeing and develop a healthy relationship with food. 


Siana Critchett

Siana is a Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife, and Credentialled Diabetes Educator. She is based in Success, offering Family Centre patients clinical appointments south of the river. 


She is the current Course Coordinator for the Diabetes courses in the Curtin School of Nursing, which is open to all professions involved in diabetes care, with a focus on the interprofessional nature of chronic disease care. 

This role requires Siana to be informed and current in all aspects of evidence-based care for people living with diabetes, including the role and scope of each profession involved in the multidisciplinary team.


Siana's special interests include:

  • empowering people living with diabetes,

  • diabetes in pregnancy and gestational diabetes,

  • health service and program innovation and delivery, and

  • interprofessional education and multidisciplinary collaboration in health care.  


Having experienced diabetes care across a range of services and models from acute to community settings, she is passionate about the role of Credentialled Diabetes Educators and the importance of an appropriately skilled workforce in the delivery of effective and equitable health services for those living with diabetes.


This passion has led to the creation of the Innovations in Diabetes Care and Management Conference, a multidisciplinary conference for students and industry involved in diabetes care. She Chairs the Course Advisory Committee for the Grad. Cert Diabetes, has recently held the position of Chair of the Australian Diabetes Educators Association WA Branch, and has served on the Expert Advisory Group for the NDSS funded Diabetes and Intellectual Disability project. Siana also maintains her passion and clinical skills for working directly with people with diabetes, as a private practitioner CDE. 

For more information or to make an appointment with Amy, Beck or Siana please call 9446 6446 or email

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