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We’ve just made mastering type 1 more affordable.

Type 1 Essentials is a brand-new course that we developed to quickly upskill you and your loved ones on all the essential type 1 knowledge to live well with the condition. It’s everything we wish we had known when we started our journey with type 1. It’s a battle tested toolkit of the latest knowledge, advice and real-world experience of people living well with type 1.

And thanks to a generous donation, we’re offering a $200 discount for the first 25 customers to visit and use the promo code generous25 at check out.

That’s not a typo! You can get the entire Type 1 Essentials course valued at $299 for just $99 if you act fast. Remember the offer is only valid for the first 25 customers to use the code generous25 at check out. We are so grateful to have the support of generous donors who know that type 1 diabetes is an expensive condition and want to make sure that the best care and advice is available to everyone.

If you are newly diagnosed and wanting to quickly upskill your type 1 knowledge, been living with type 1 for a while and want to explore the latest tech trends or if you are confused by the seesaw that sick days or stress give your levels, this is an amazing opportunity you won’t want to miss!

Type 1 Essentials is designed by people with type 1, for people with type 1. It is the perfect guide to support you on your type 1 journey. The 12 module course features:

· Module 1: About Type 1 Diabetes

· Module 2: Insulin

· Module 3: Blood glucose monitoring

· Module 4: High and Low Blood Glucose Levels

· Module 5: Sick Day Management

· Module 6: Managing Type 1 Diabetes Using Technology

· Module 7: Exercise

· Module 8: The Healthcare System and the Cycle of Care

· Module 9: Type 1 Diabetes and Mental health

· Module 10: General Nutrition

· Module 11: A Lower-Carbohydrate Approach

· Module 12: Alcohol and Illicit Drugs

Learn more at

Conditions: Offer limited to first 25 purchases of Type 1 Essentials. Discount of $200 offer with promo code on check out only. Offer commences at 15:00WST 12 September 2023 and ends when 25 coupon codes have been redeemed. Offer cannot be back dated. Offer for Type 1 Essentials Couse purchases only. Offer can be refused, cancelled or removed at the discretion of the Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre and is not valid if these terms and conditions are breached.

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