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Amy Rush APD/CDE

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Amy is the recipient of the national Credentialled Diabetes Educator of the Year Award 2018. Her clinic is a judgement-free zone, and she will help your patients feel confident, equipped and empowered to pursue better-managed blood glucose.​​


Amy can offer diabetes education and dietetic advice, helping your patient navigate both insulin and food at the same time.


Amy is available for the following services:

  • Insulin adjustment

  • Pump and CGM starts

  • Managing a low-carbohydrate approach

  • Carbohydrate counting

  • Bolus strategies for protein and fat

  • Nailing post-meal highs

  • Interpreting CGM and Libre

  • Also available for phone consultations

If you include Amy in your CDMP referral, she can be allocated to either ‘Diabetes Educator’ or ‘Dietitian.’ 


To contact Amy directly, please use the following email:

HbA1c testing

The Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre also offers fast, fingerprick HbA1c tests for only $20. This allows your patients to get an immediate HbA1c result.


Simply contact the Family Centre to book, or book online.

Insulin Pumps and CGM

Patients wanting to start on an insulin pump or CGM don't need to wait, our diabetes educators can get your type 1 patients up and running within 2 weeks of their initial appointment. Our allied health team can further support them with follow up appointments to fine-tune their blood glucose management.


Refer your type 1 patients today - click here!

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