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Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre Appoints Peter Bennett as Board Chair

The Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Peter Bennett, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Clough, as Board Chair, effective 23 February 2023. Mr Bennett succeeds Mr Robert Towner, who has served in the position since June 2021, and as a director since the organisation's inception.

As Board Chair, Mr Bennett will work closely with the Family Centre's Chief Executive Officer, Mr Benjamin Jardine, to guide the organisation's strategic direction and further advance its mission of providing support for people living with type 1 diabetes across Australia.

Mr Bennett commenced his career as a graduate mechanical engineer with CB&I in Australia. During his 26-year tenure, Peter progressed through a diverse range of roles, including engineering, project management, business development, operations management, corporate function management and general management. Prior to joining Clough, Peter was President, Oil & Gas International for CB&I, based in The Hague. He now has over 30 years of experience in the energy and infrastructure contracting service sector. His experience spans contracting business process, operational, and corporate leadership.

In May 2018, Mr Bennett's son, then 8 years old, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, which brought him and his family into contact with the Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre. "Having type 1 in our family has certainly opened my eyes to the everyday challenges that many people in our community face", Mr Bennett advised. "The Family Centre, with its diabetes educators, dietitians, and psychologist, provides a world-class resource that answers questions and provides advice to help families through the learning curve." He added, "It really was a lifeline, especially in those early days. The Family Centre connected us to a ready-made community of families like ours, who were dealing with similar issues – this helped normalise diabetes for our family."

"We are delighted to welcome Peter as our new Board Chair," said Mr Jardine. "With Peter's impressive background and relationships within Western Australia, and his personal connection to type 1 diabetes, I am confident that his leadership will be instrumental in driving the Family Centre's expansion and success in the years to come."

"I am honoured to take on the role of Board Chair", Mr Bennett said. "I look forward to working closely with the board and management team to build on the Family Centre's strong foundation and drive continued success."

Type 1 diabetes is a lifelong illness that is one of the most complex medical conditions managed within the home. With consistent, diligent care and support, people with type 1 can live life to the full. Without careful management, the disease can cause significant damage in the body, leading to life-threatening complications. The condition can be fatal. The Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre is pioneering a breakthrough, community-based approach to meeting the challenges of managing this complex, and often misunderstood, condition.


For more information, please contact: Dianne Symons Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre 11 Limosa Close Stirling WA 6021 T: +61 8 9446 6446 M: +61 412 031 164


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