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The Benefits of Sodii for Low-Carb Health

These delicious salts are a game changer! Now a part of my daily routine, I drink a sachet of Sodii before my morning coffee and I have honestly noticed such a difference in the way I feel.

As someone who follows a low carb approach to managing type 1, I had no idea I was lacking key electrolytes until investigating the cause of my fatigue and head fog. Turns out that a low-carb diet which focuses on whole foods tends to be lower in electrolytes - particularly sodium, potassium, and magnesium. My dietitian also told me that when you lower your carb intake, particularly very low carb diets, you lose more potassium and sodium through urine.

Every product I came across had added sugar and things you don’t want to put into your body every day, so when I found Sodii only included the electrolytes you need - and nothing you don’t - in a little tasty sachet, I was like hooray!!


The flavours are great; there are so many to choose from which keeps it interesting! Not too sweet and the right amount of salty - passionfruit is my current fave!


We have managed to get a discount code for anyone keen to try Sodii.

Use "T1FC" at checkout to receive 15% off your order!

This is not a sponsored post.

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Love the Sodii flavours and love having electrolytes up my sleeve any time I'm feeling a bit flat.

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