Camp FAQ

What time do I check in?

We recommend arrival time of around 3pm, but you can come earlier if you bring your own lunch.

What time do I need to check out by?

Checkout from dorm rooms is at 10am but you can stay longer. A packed lunch prepared earlier in the day is included in the cost.

What is included in the meals?

Breakfast will be continental as well as a hot offering (cereals, toast, eggs, bacon, tomatoes, coffee, tea etc).

Morning tea will be crackers, vegetables and dips.

Lunch will be make your own wraps and rolls (cold meats and salads), along with homestyle soups.

Afternoon tea will be crackers, vegetables and dips.

Dinner will be cooked by the camp chef and an example will be Roast Beef with vegetables.

Tea, coffee and milo will be available all day.

BYO water bottle to fill for day walks.

Can I bring additional food and drinks to Camp?

Certainly! There is limited refrigerator space in the common area.

Is there a 'camp store' on site for confectionary, ice cream, drinks, fishing bait, etc?

No. Nearest store is Little Grove, 12km away. Albany is 22km away by road.

What if I have an allergy or dietary requirement?

Please let us know when you make the booking in the appropriate section.

Are there individual refrigerators in each dorm room?

There is a communal refrigerator available in the common area, however private refrigerators in each dorm room are not available.

Is the camp smoke free?

Yes, the camp is smoke free.

Can additional food be purchased?

No. Nearest store is Little Grove, 12km away. Albany is 22km away by road.

What is the sleeping configuration in the dorm rooms? Are they all the same?

They vary, however predominately bunk beds. Mum, Dad and kids will be in the same room most likely. Rooms are for sleeping only. There is plenty of space for relaxing elsewhere around the grounds and in heritage buildings.

What is the maximum occupancy in each dorm room?

Rooms will be allocated based on family size. Rooms range from 4 to 20 beds.

Will we have our own secure lockable dorm room?

Yes, however the buildings are heritage listed, built in late 1800s and doors and windows cannot be fully secured. We suggest that valuables are kept on your person or, on request, can be stored in the Manager's Office if required.

What is in each dorm room?

A typical room has bunk beds to sleep 4+ people, each with a comfortable mattress, fitted sheet and pillow.

Will we need to bring our own bedding?

Yes, bring sheets and blankets or sleeping bags, plus a pillow slip, towels and a bath mat.

What are the toilet and shower facilities for each dorm room?

Each dorm room has immediate access to a semi-ensuite toilet/s and shower/s. These may be shared with another family.

Is there an ideal age range for children?

No, however kids under 5 years old may not be keen for canoeing or long bushwalks, but if the parents are comfortable with this then they are very welcome to attend.

Is there a parent to child ratio per family?

No, however generally 1:3 or 2:2 works best. There are some larger dorm rooms that can accommodate more children if required.

Can I bring children whom are not my own?

It is ideal that you are the legal guardian or responsible family member for the child attending. If you would like to discuss an arrangement before booking please contact us.

Will I need to supervise my children for all activities?

Parental supervision is mandatory for all activities. There will be some unstructured activities, for example the campfire, but they still require parent supervision.

What sort of activities and facilities will be available?

Canoeing, rogaining, bushwalking, campfire, cultural sessions and more. There is also an indoor basketball court, assorted sporting equipment (balls, bats, etc) as well as a cricket pitch and lawn areas.

Is there an additional charge for any of the activities?


Can we bring our own canoe or boat?

Yes. Please let us know if you would like to bring your own canoe or boat so that we can give you further information.

Are there any mandatory requirements for each family to participate in or attend?

Only the initial welcome to camp and emergency evacuation briefing. There is an exciting program of activities for families to participate in if they wish. A register for families to nominate which session they wish to attend will be available.

Will we be required to contribute to any camp duties such as housekeeping or cleaning?

Yes, families will be required to help with setting up tables for meals and clearing away and packing the dishwasher, etc. Volunteers to assist with meal service may be requested, however no cooking is required. It is a great opportunity to get little ones involved and if everyone helps a little at some stage during the camp, all the chores will be done easily.