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Superstar Sibilings
2020-08 Superstar Sibling Logo.png

Meet our Superstar Siblings Winner for 2020!

Kaitlyn and Lachlan.jpg

Kaitlyn, 16

Kaitlyn has shown an enormous amount of strength with the recent loss of her father, she has stepped up and helped me with her little brother's type 1 journey. With significant needle phobia and sensory issues, Kaitlyn has been Lachlan's (10) support person with every set and sensor change. She holds his hand, hugs him tight and reassures him when he feels like he hates his condition. Lachlan loves his sister - he calls her his best friend. Kaitlyn is constantly researching and learning about type 1 and how she can help her brother. Whether it’s simple easy healthy snacks, to sensory toys to make or buy with her pocket money to make him more comfortable throughout this journey. She will go without so many times to have the same as her brother so he never feels left out. 

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