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Muscle growth and repair smoothie

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

This smoothie is for people who need extra protein, and contains low-carb protein powder. To help offset the blood glucose spike from the protein, we've added fats and fibre with almonds and hazelnuts, which will help to slow the digestion and absorption of the protein. As a bonus, this shake provides over a third of the recommended calcium intake for men and women.


1 cup unsweetened almond milk

30 grams almonds

30 grams hazelnuts

30g low-carb chocolate flavoured protein powder (we love this one from PbCo!)

½ cup ice


Blend all ingredients until smooth

Nutrition information per serve (serves 1)

Kilojoules – 1819kj

Protein – 32.2 grams

Fat – 30.3 grams

Saturated fat – 2.3 grams

Carbohydrate – 5.4 grams

Fibre – 10.1 grams

Calcium – 377mg

Recipe by Amy Rush

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