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Inpatient management plan

One of the key issues raised by our adult community at our 2018 Community Forum was the care they received in hospitals. Members of our community said they felt safer and more comfortable self-managing their diabetes during hospital stays, where possible. Most people with type 1 know their bodies and know their diabetes management inside out, and it’s important that their knowledge and experience is honoured and applied in the hospital setting. The Family Centre supports the great work done by Diabetes UK into better understanding the needs of people with diabetes in hospitals and changing hospital culture in relation to diabetes self-management. 

Designed in consultation with one of Perth’s leading endocrinologists, Dr Joey Kaye, and a skilled group of diabetes educators and community members, the Family Centre’s Inpatient Management Plan supports people with diabetes during planned hospital stays (for example, for elective surgery). People with diabetes can pre-fill the Inpatient Management Plan with their clinician, and send it to their care team to help support their hospital stay. The Inpatient Management Guide covers the following: 

  • List of your personal diabetes kit items

  • Dietary requirements

  • Regular diabetes management regimen

  • Hyperglycaemia and hypoglycaemia management plan

  • Diabetes management during surgery


If you’re going to hospital, we encourage you to think through your diabetes plan beforehand and use our Inpatient Management Guide to help structure your game plan. 

Download the free Inpatient Management Plan below!

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