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A very techy Christmas!

Diabetes equipment doesn’t often feature on Christmas wish lists! I get it, but I also get excited about type 1 technology, and if there were ever a Christmas to celebrate some joy in the type 1 tech space, then this is the year! Technology is moving ahead in leaps and bounds; some of the awesome new devices are already on the market and some are just moments away. So this year, let’s take a look at what you might buy your old pal type 1 if he were on your Kris Kringle list: Tandem t:slim X2 The t:slim X2 with Dexcom G5 compatibility recently hit the Australian market and it is definitely a crowd-pleaser. Users report the slim design as the most appealing feature, 38% smaller than other pumps. It has a colour touchscreen, rechargeable battery and remote software update capability. It is the only pump displaying insulin on board, time remaining and CGM data all on the home screen. Dexcom G6 The t:slim will link with the new Dexcom G6, which received approval in the USA in 2017. An Australian release date is yet to be confirmed but fingers crossed it won’t be long! The G6 features a slimmer transmitter, 10-day wear, a one-button inserter and a once-daily calibration. Once the G6 is up and running the t:slim will progress to predictive low glucose suspend capability and eventually, a hybrid closed loop system. Medtronic 670G The long-awaited new pump from Medtronic is now available in Australia! At this stage the pump is available for set-up in ‘pump mode only’, meaning that it delivers insulin like a normal pump - but as soon as its compatible sensor is released, it can be used for predictive low glucose suspend or closed loop features – this means basal rates are automatically adjusted! These options are available in the US and will be here as soon as Australia has TGA approval for the new Enlite CGM sensor. Again, fingers crossed it won’t be long! Not only do I love tech, but I also love getting presents! Diabetes educators haven’t been forgotten this year, we have been spoilt with new and improved data platforms to make supporting you to manage your blood glucose even better!   CareLink for clinicians Medtronic have recently upgraded its clinician-based CareLink platform, making it quicker and easier for clinicians to upload pumps and access CGM data all in one place.  Dexcom Clarity app Dexcom Clarity online was a game changer for clinicians, with its trend and comparison reports and the streamlined daily blood glucose graphs. Now with the launch of the Dexcom Clarity app, these reports are available anytime, anywhere, on any compatible smart device. Libre View  With the launch of the Freestyle LibreLink app came the new LibreView clinician platform, allowing educators to access cloud-based Libre data, both in the moment and retrospectively. Adding patients is quick and easy, no more Libre Reader device uploads needed. With the new year comes the gifts of advanced technology, helping your diabetes be more easily assessed by you and your clinicians, and hopefully making diabetes a little bit easier to manage. Tech’s not for everyone – I have patients using everything from syringes and fingerpricking to the latest in CGM-compatible pumps and making it work - but if you’re into it and you want to know more, come and chat with me and our newest clinical team member, nurse educator Inger Wang, at the Family Centre!

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