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Type 1 Training Update

By Benjamin Jardine.

As I head into the weekend I am again working hard on preparation for the HBF Run for a Reason in support of the Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre.

Many bags of lollies have been lost to the cause as I have sought to balance my insulin and glucose levels (hence the calculator!)

But every time I get frustrated I am reminded of the incredible feats that people living with type 1 diabetes can accomplish despite this challenging condition. Did you know for example that people with type 1 diabetes have run ultra-marathons, swam the Rottnest Channel (see below), played in the Superbowl and much more?

Doesn't every person with type 1 diabetes deserve the same opportunities to live a life full of richness, joy and excitement?

That's my reason to keep on moving. But we need your support. Every dollar I raise will go directly to supporting people with type 1 diabetes to break free from fear and know that they are not alone.

Donate if you can. Fundraise if you can. Change the lives of people living with one of the world's most complex self-managed conditions: Check it out:

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