Our Impact

The Family Centre and its team of dedicated staff have made such a huge difference, we have gone from being alone, isolated and lost, to being part of a supportive, compassionate and fierce tribe of type 1 warriors. We are so grateful for everything the Family Centre is and has done for us and every other Western Australian family living with type 1.

The Dawes Family

I think the 

Babysitters’ Training course did a great job of covering type 1 diabetes management and it’s increased my confidence to help my family.

Natalia, aunty

To me, the Family Centre means family, a big type 1 family. Everyone is really close and so supportive. Having friends with type 1 has helped me so much.

Talisha, type 1 teen

Since the launch of the Family Centre’s Adults’ Community, I have met so many other adults living with type 1. We share our stories, tips and tricks about technology, help each other during our ups and downs, swap recipe ideas and catch up for social outings.

Kate, adult with type 1

I never knew or talked to people with type 1. I now have a starring role in the Family Centre’s Online Adults’ Community! I feel a lot better talking with people who understand – I feel like I’m not the only one.

Stu, adult with type 1

The Metabolism presentation at the Family Centre was fabulous! Once again, the Family Centre knocked it out-of-the-park with an informative, entertaining, real talk on diabetes. The knowledge you gain from people living with type 1 is so valuable to your journey.

Cindy, type 1 mum

Thanks to such an amazing team. You are changing lives! And helping families. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. My child is so happy after being at Teen Camp.

Type 1 mum

I'm much more confident in all aspects of life. Eating out is easier and being out with friends is less stressful as I’m energetic and in control. Exercise is less unpredictable and my hypos have dropped significantly and aren't so bad.

Clinic patient

The schools’ education session was thorough and clearly presented. Type 1 can be a scary topic, but the Family Centre covered everything with professionalism and care. It helped me feel confident and not too overwhelmed in caring for this special little boy whilst he’s at school.

Katherine, teacher

Family camp is a must go, it will change your life for the better. The friends, fun and adventure are truly fabulous!

Jaclyn, type 1 mum

I’m feeling so fortunate right now that we somehow ended up in Perth. The support of the Family Centre gives to people of all ages with type 1 is incredible!

Corinne, type 1 mum

I’ve had type 1 for 32 years, and to be honest it’s the first time I’ve been comfortable talking to someone I didn’t know about it. The team at the Family Centre genuinely changed my life for the better.

Chris, attendee at FlexIT

Such amazing role models on the Movement Workshop panel and at the Family Centre, we got heaps out of it. Learned so much fascinating stuff.

So good!

Miranda, type 1 mum