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Ready for a Change?
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If you've shut down parts of your life to stay on top of type 1, you're not alone. Missing social or career opportunities, avoiding favourite foods and even quitting sport is common among t1s. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We believe you can live a full and engaging life. That's why we're introducing a Life Coaching service - an exciting new opportunity to reconnect with your ambitions and your community.

What is a life coach? 

A qualified life coach is a guide to walk beside you, and help you live a full, enriched life. Your life coach will work with you to take control of your future. You will learn methods to reconnect with your aspirations and map out your life goals to identify what makes you truly happy.  

Life coaching is a positive, rewarding experience. Working with your life coach, you will identify methods to improve your wellbeing. You will discover tactics to reach your full potential and open your mind possibilities you may never have considered before.  


Karen has a lifetime of experience with type 1, having been diagnosed as a child. Throughout her life, Karen has explored a variety of methods to guide her type 1 journey. Her experience inspired her to become a qualified life coach, a role she absolutely loves.  

Karen’s passion for variety and the arts helps her adapt coaching uniquely to each person. Her belief that everyone owns their life decisions empowers a positive and constructive coaching experience. Karen’s inquisitive approach aids in proactive life exploration, during both individual sessions and in group workshops.

Meet Karen

“Coaching is about people regaining ownership of their lives. It gives them the power to function fully.” – Karen Hembrow

Karen is offering a free discovery session until 31 October. For details and T&C click here or, please call 9446 6446 or email

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