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15 Mins of free Life Coaching

Enjoy a 15 minutes free telephone consult, to see if Life Coaching is for you!

A qualified life coach is a guide to walk beside you, and help you live a full, enriched life.


Your life coach will work with you to take control of your future. You will learn methods to reconnect with your aspirations and map out your life goals to identify what makes you truly happy.  

Life coaching is a positive, rewarding experience. Working with your life coach, you will identify methods to improve your wellbeing.


You will discover tactics to reach your full potential and open your mind possibilities you may never have considered before.  


Offer is valid to 30 June 2023. Limit of  1 per customer / patient. Offer valid only as telephone consultation. Offer can be withdrawn at any time.


Offer inclusions

Offer only valid for free 15 minute initial phone consult with Karen Hembrow. Additional services can be arranged at a fee for service by contacting the Family Centre.

Let's Get Started


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