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The Drive Your Diabetes program is currently at capacity. Please contact us for information on our allied healthcare clinic. 

Get in the driver’s seat and on the road to better diabetes management with the Family Centre’s new initiative for 18-25 year olds. For just $100, you’ll receive 4 appointments with leading credentialled diabetes educators, Amy Rush APD/CDE or Inger Wang RN/CDE (you choose your educator) and two HbA1c blood monitoring tests, over a 12 month period. Use these appointments to discuss anything type 1 related; whether it’s new tech start-ups or upgrades, nutrition, carb counting, insulin adjustment strategies, lower carb approach, exercise, travelling, eating out, partying etc.


No judgement, no waiting, no numbers - just game-changing advice and support from the team that knows type 1. Buckle up, we’re gonna steer you in the right direction!

What’s covered in your clinic appointment?

Anything related to type 1 diabetes self-management! Utilise the clinic appointments for:


  • Diabetes education and advice

  • Clinical dietetics and nutritional advice

  • Insulin adjustment strategies

  • Carb counting made easy

  • Pump starts, upgrades and support

  • Continuous glucose and flash monitor set-ups and interpretation

  • Impact of exercise on diabetes management

  • Impact of glycaemic index, protein and fat

  • Managing a lower carbohydrate approach.

What will you pay?

Four appointments will only cost $100 - that’s just $25 per session. Payment for the full program needs to be made upfront.


How to register


Step 1: You will need a Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDMP) from your GP and a current Medicare card. If you have an existing CDMP, you must have at least one allied health professional session remaining on your plan (if you have only one left, you can use this for your first session and utilise the remaining when your new CDMP is issued)


Step 2: Register for Drive Your Diabetes, complete the form and pay the $100 program fee


Step 3: Amy Rush or Inger Wang will personally contact you to set up your first session and send you a new patient form to complete


Step 4: Meet with Amy Rush and Inger Wang and start Drive Your Diabetes!


Terms and Conditions

Check the registration form for our T&Cs.

The Drive your Diabetes program is proudly supported by

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